For starters, Patrick J. Fiore is “PJ”, and to be honest, I don’t think too many people call him “Patrick J. Fiore”.  However, for the purpose of his music – cd’s, websites, etc. Patrick J. Fiore it is.

“A Proper Intro To Patrick J. Fiore”

The Beginning.

During the summer of 2001, prior to his new academic beginnings at Marywood University, PJ found an old guitar in a friend’s attic.  A few days later, he was given money for groceries.  The grocery store never saw that money, and his parents never got those groceries.  Sad story?  Of course not…

Where did he go?  He took his parent’s hard earned money and headed down the local music store and bought himself a black Epiphone acoustic guitar.  His life was forever changed.

The Now.

Nearly every opportunity PJ gets, he’s playing guitar, updating his equipment, researching everything and anything music-related.  Yeah, a freak.  But really, we all get to benefit, right?

PJ has truly developed and evolved seamlessly into his own voice, song writing style, playing and musical personality which comes from his broad range of musical influences including, but not limited to: Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, John Mayer, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, T-Bone Walker and Steve Vai.  He’s always looking and listening for music that he can learn from and build upon to add to his own mix.  Basically, he listens to anyone who could stand alone and tell a story with their instrument, because that’s what he’s all about.

Since he plays alone, PJ occasionally uses effects and loops to make things more interesting, which gives the listener the impression that more than one person is playing.  He enjoys being the singer/song writer and guitarist all in one.

What’s Next.

Check out the Shows page, get out of the house, and listen to the acoustic music you’ve been missing.  You won’t regret it!

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