Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
The Beatles – Blackbird
Soul Sister
Neil Young – Down By The River
Hidden In My Head
Don’t You
Bless The Man [Live Version]
Another Moon
Dave Matthews Band – Satellite

3 Responses to Music

  1. Brandalyn Wood says:

    Mr. Fiore,
    i am so glad i got the nerve to sing for you. i have learned that u have inspired me. you are now officially my #2 hero in the world..and i only have two. haha the first time i heard you sing, i was so amazed by your voice. i hope one day we might sing together. that would be really cool. i have to learn to sing with others first though. thank you for being such an inspiration. i respect you in every way and im so glad we talked that day. thank you…so much.

  2. Kayla Compton says:

    Mr. Fiore i’m in love with your voice!! You are so amazing! I wish that i could be as good as you are someday. You are truly an inspiration!!! :)

  3. Student :D says:

    Your music is lovely! You’re voice is a lot better than I expected and I’d never anticipate such a vast vocal range; you can hit high notes without sounding feminine or dorky and your guitar skills are BEAST!!!! (P.S. BEST TEACHER EVERRR!!!)

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